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Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth

Let There Be Truffles: Wine & Dine for a Good Cause

11.04.2015 in Company News

America’s leading truffle expert and developer of the country’s largest truffle orchard, Susan Alexander, is joining Sussex County’s most knowledgeable group of food professionals, SoDel Concepts, for Let There Be Truffles: a 3-night event celebrating unique truffle dishes and mighty fine wines. The best part? It’s all for Meals…

Susan Alexander inspecting truffle trees

Persistence in Growing Truffles and Being Your Own Boss

03.02.2015 in Company News

Fact: we live in a world that’s driven by instant gratification. We can get information that we desire and send/receive messages across the globe at the speed of light. We can like an article, an image, or YouTube videos and make someone famous overnight. When bored…

Examining truffle tree with Chef Nick Stellino

So Why a Truffière?

29.01.2015 in Company News

I get asked that a lot, so I figured I’d share a slice of my life—and I’ll spare you the boring details, I promise!—and focus on how living in the now and embracing present opportunities have helped me design the future I want to share….

Susan Alexander on Fox News

On Leading Truffle Crusades & Speaking Fearlessly

28.01.2015 in Company News

Whoever said that speaking in public is terrifying certainly wasn’t lying. And I would know because, heaps of speaking events later, I still melt into a puddle of quivering nerves whenever I have to talk in front a crowd—big or small. Isn’t it everyone’s biggest…

Susan Rice Alexander with Chef Janice

Truffle Chat with the “Say Yes to the Chef” Podcast

08.01.2015 in Company News

If there’s one thing I love as much as truffles, it’s talking about truffles in North Carolina! And if there’s one thing I love more than talking about truffles, it’s talking about truffles with people who share the same passion for all things food. And…

Black Perigord truffles

Susan Alexander Truffles at Southpoint Mall

09.12.2014 in Company News

America’s leading truffle expert and founder of the country’s largest truffle orchard, Susan Alexander, has set up a shop at the popular Streets at Southpoint Mall (Durham North Carolina) for the month of December! Truffles have a long history of being the “Diamonds of the…

Susan Rice Alexander Chaine de Rotisseurs induction

Partnership Opportunities With Susan Alexander Truffles

04.11.2013 in Company News

Nowadays, most restaurants, food companies and businesses depend on reliable suppliers to help provide the best quality food and food products to their customers. Take gourmet truffles for example. Only mature, high quality ones are the best ingredient offered in fine dining restaurants. Treated as…

Truffle hunting dog

Olivia – The Truffle Hunting Dog!

15.10.2013 in Company News

It is always great to get the expertise of someone to help your business grow. That is why you need to screen every person who will join your team, even if it means trusting a four-legged wonder to do the job. Meet Olivia – the…

Chaine des Rotisseurs seal

Truffle Icon Susan Inducted Into Prestigious Food Society

29.10.2011 in Company News

It is always a great thing when your peers recognize you for your contributions to the industry. The prestigious Chaine des Rotisseurs inducted our very own Susan Alexander for popularizing the French black truffles in the American tables. The induction ceremony was held during the…