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Susan Alexander inspecting truffle trees

Where in the World Do Truffles Grow?

24.11.2016 in Truffle Faves

Truffles are a very unique and sought-after ingredient in the culinary world. Their species is extremely diverse, and they thrive in specific environments around the globe. We know that different species of truffles partner with a favoured species of tree. Throw in the right stable…

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Dog sniffing for truffles

Why are truffles so expensive?

22.06.2015 in Truffle Faves

When just a few shavings of truffle can cost hundreds of dollars, it’s no wonder many ask why these fancy fungi are so expensive!Truffles are considered a delicacy all over the world and are also the most expensive food worldwide. In fact, a one kilo…

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black summer truffles

Why Black Perigord Truffles?

11.03.2015 in Truffle Faves

So, March! Two weeks in, and we’ve already celebrated some of its most fun holidays—my favorite of which is the International Pancake Day on the 4th, because, really, what sort of weirdo doesn’t like pancakes? This month, however, also marks the last month of black…

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What is a Truffle?

How to Store Truffles (And Other Truffle FAQs)

23.02.2015 in Truffle Faves

Ah, truffle questions—I get plenty of them. Most of the time, it all starts with “Why so expensive?” Well, let me tell you: truffles were once a delicacy worshipped by royalty for their healing purposes. For years, the common population was never given the opportunity to…

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Digging for truffles

Truffle Hunting: Where to Start?

18.09.2014 in Truffle Faves

With prices that can go as high as $2,000 per pound, it’s almost impossible to think of another food item that’s more valuable than truffles. They have that earthy aroma and taste – the wonders of which have been spoken about throughout human history. The…

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Dog sniffing for truffles

Truffle Sniffing: What Truffles Smell Like

08.09.2014 in Truffle Faves

Truffles rank among today’s highly sought-after commodities. Some claim its earthy flavor to be what draws them in, while others argue it’s the sensual appeal of its smell that turns them on. We already know that even the smallest truffle shaving can have the most…

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$330K for Truffles: Fact or Fiction?

07.08.2014 in Truffle Faves

A few years ago, a casino mogul from Macau bid $330,000 for a pair of white truffles weighing a total of 2.87 pounds. Prior to that, he paid the same amount for a 3.3-pound white truffle unearthed in Tuscany. These are the most expensive truffles…

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