Delicious Green Food Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

10 Mar 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas

Turn heads with your green outfit and your green dishes this St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re off to an event, going to a friend’s house, hosting at your place, or just heading into work in green theme for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got you covered when it comes to food. Take a green dish to match everyone’s outfit and get into the spirit for the day to impress! Here are some green food ideas that won’t steer you wrong.

Guacamole Devilled Eggs

Level up your devilled eggs game with some delicious guacamole. Instead of your traditional filling, replace with blended avocado, garlic, lime, lemon, and cilantro. Simply pipe into the boiled egg halves and serve up with a sprinkle of pepper, paprika, or freshly shaved truffle and you’re good to go!

Mint Chocolate Meringues

Super easy to take to work or a friend’s house on St. Patrick’s Day, you can’t go wrong with minty green meringues. A drop of green food coloring and a dash of mint essence make these delicious treats a stand-out hit.

Spinach Cup Bites

Spinach cake on a wood plate

You can take it to the next level by whipping up a spinach cake.

Easy little puff pastry cups with a spinach mix inside will ensure your guests are greeted with a perfect bite-size appetizer. Why not include some truffle to add a more elegant flavor to this dish, too?

Green Truffle Pasta

Perfect for a main course or a tasty side dish, your guests will love a simple green pasta with fresh truffle. You can make the green pasta yourself, or you can visit your nearest grocery store and buy a high quality ready-made green pasta to boil up. Heat butter in a pan, add al dente pasta, parmesan and seasoning, then serve with shaved truffle on top.

Pistachio for the Win

For a unique sweet treat, why not make a pistachio dream cake? Add pistachio pudding as a frosting with your favorite pack-mix cake to take this cake into the St. Patrick’s Day theme. We’ve found a recipe that is very simple, yet very delicious!

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Mojito cocktail in a glass

Everything is so much better with mojitos.

Of course, don’t forget about drinks if you’re hosting a party, too! Mojito’s are always a hit, and you can add mint, apple, kiwi, and lime to your favorite soda or lemonade cocktails to give them a twist. Here are some green-powered cocktails to get you started.

So Much Green!

There are so many other green-themed recipes you can make to get into the spirit of the occasion. Put a twist on your current favorite sweet recipes with an addition of green food coloring and mint essence. Biscuits, shortbread, jelly, cupcakes, lime fudge, cookies, and green sorbet and ice cream can all be altered to the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Use green ingredients such as broccoli, spinach, kale, beans, herbs, green leafy vegetables, and pasta to get savory dishes in line with the theme. Then you can pack some extra flavor in with key standout ingredients such as truffles.

A good chunk of enjoyment of any celebration is the type of food served. Browse through our blog today for other food musings and recipe ideas.

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