Huge Healthy Food Trends to Look Out For in 2018

27 Sep 2017, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Food Musings

When it comes to food, we always hear all sorts of chatter about what’s popular, we keep up to date with what’s next, and we like being in the know of what everyone is going to be dying to taste. So before people start lining up around the block, I took it upon myself to gather and share emerging food trends that are sure to break big in the food world in 2018.

From all-day breakfast to low-carb snacking, I’m happy to report that we’re shifting over to the healthy side. Here’s the inside scoop on healthy food trends in 2018 that will soon be sweeping your local restaurants and grocery stores.

Breakfast All Day, Everyday

Breakfast, brunch, brinner, and bridnight snacks. Whatever you want to call it, we all love eating a good breakfast—and not just in the morning but any time of the day. And so on top of doing an all-day breakfast menu, more and more places are getting extra creative in coming up with interesting breakfast menu ideas (healthy ones, included) that span all day parts. No, we’re not talking about cereals; we’re talking about a better and greater use of eggs and pork.

K-Flavor Explosion

While it has been on the rise for some time now, Korean food is bringing a flavorful explosion onto the mainstream next year. Sure, you’ve had kimchi, bibimbap rice bowls and deeply savoury bulgogi but restaurants are putting a wonderfully refreshing spin on old favorites, all while taking inspiration from Korean cuisine. Many restaurants are getting off to a great start by trying out seaweed and tofu soup, as well as grilled squid salad.

Raw-some Raw Food

People are constantly trying to improve their health, and a lot of them do so by eating a diet exclusively of raw food. After all, it helps fight diseases and regulate body fat! While the trend hasn’t made its steady way into the mainstream yet, many are already stocking up on carrot sticks and mushrooms. Raw food offers a sense of cleanliness, which pretty much has to do with both its production and health benefits. Other excellent examples include sashimi, kefir, and raw apple.

Sashimi on a plate with soy sauce

Raw food offers a sense of cleanliness.

Low-Carb Snacking

The past year saw a strong healthy snacking trend among professionals who have little time to purchase or prepare lunch. 2018 is bringing it back, and this time, it’s all about low-sugar, low-carb snacks. Sweet potato snacks and roasted veggies, for instance, are only going to grow further in popularity, as they can fill one up without the crazy high sugar and carb loads found in a lot of snacks out on the market today.

We’re living in a time where healthy eating options are readily accessible and highly encouraged. If you’re looking to better yourself, then your best bet is to focus on your health from the inside out. Start with the right food and, I guarantee you, you will soon reap the rewards.

So which trend are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments below.

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