Cooler Than Ever: 5 Ice Cream Trends to Try This Summer

08 Jun 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas

Summer is just around the corner, and what could be better than a nice cool ice cream on a hot summers day? Well how about ice cream served up in a variety of mouthwatering ways? While we’ll always love the classic vanilla served with chocolate fudge on top, there are plenty of new options to take your ice cream experience to a whole new level. From ice cream sandwiches and Thai-style ice cream rolls, down to fish-shaped waffle cones – here are five cool ice cream trends that sound too good to pass up this summer.

A New Type of Cone

Hands holding two bubble waffles with ice cream

Hong Kong’s egg waffles have become the newest, most adorable ice cream trend.

Waffle cones, flavored waffle cones, and fun-shapes are impressing ice cream lovers and becoming an Insta-worthy sensation. You can get fresh waffle cones with chocolate chips or other flavors and colors to complement your favorite ice cream flavor. Whilst Taiyaki, a popular Japanese waffle cone shaped like a koi fish, is quickly becoming popular with food bloggers worldwide.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Don’t let your imagination stop at traditional biscuits to sandwich your ice cream. We’ve seen ice cream sandwiches made with donuts, cronuts, croissants, cupcakes, cookies, fruit slices, cakes, marshmallow and macarons, layered decadently, dipped in chocolate, and crusted with crushed nuts, sprinkles, chocolate shavings or honeycomb.

An International Sensation

Straight out of Thailand is a rolled ice cream trend that is gaining traction all around the world. Liquid ice cream is poured over a frozen metal surface, then it’s mixed with your favorite add-ins such as chocolate chips, fruit, or candy right before your eyes. Once blended through, the flat ice cream is scraped off the frozen plate and into a roll. It’s then served in a cup or on a plate with toppings and/or sauce. Genius!

A Healthy Kick

Coconut ice cream in a coconut shell

Coconut ice cream’s melt-in-the-mouth creaminess is everything.

Think turmeric latte, green tea and matcha, ginger, avocado, coconut, yogurt, and vegan ice cream, sweetened naturally with honey or raw sugar. With a health-conscious population on the rise, these superfood flavors are ensuring that our favorite treat can be enjoyed guilt-free and with maximum nutrition and health benefits galore. These foods are good for you, as well as add a bit of variety to the old flavors you may be used to.

Savory Ice Cream Worth Savoring

Savory flavors of bacon, wasabi pea, sweet corn, chili, cheddar cheese, curry, and balsamic vinegar are making an appearance on popular menus. Why not also try interesting herb flavors such as rosemary, basil, coriander, thyme, or sage?

And adding weight to the argument that sweet and savory are a perfect combination is truffle ice cream. Truffle ice cream is making an appearance in some of the world’s top restaurants in a variety of different ways. It’s being served over tarts, quiches, and savory puddings, or with white chocolate and hazelnuts, or as a stand-alone dessert. Would you try it?

Visit our online truffle shop today for some culinary gems that are guaranteed to add an unforgettable impact to your next food experience, or browse through our blog for more fun, seasonal activities to do.

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