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Buy American: no need to go truffle hunting in Europe

It’s the most expensive food in the world. And the truffles we are referring to aren’t the kind you buy at Godiva.  This kind of truffle is a fungus.

“It’s incredible when you think about it because if you think that you are going to get retail $1500 a pound for something you are growing agriculturally, that’s the most expensive product in the world,” said Susan Rice Alexander, owner of Susan Rice Truffles in Vass, North Carolina.

It grows on the roots of trees, most commonly in Europe where soil and weather conditions are ideal. While many chefs buy most of their truffles from Provence in France and Tuscany in Italy, there is a small but growing truffle movement in the U.S.
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Gourmet dish with truffles

Heavenly Fungi: The U.S. Truffle Industry

Dubbed the “Diamond of the gourmet world” and sustained by sales as high as $330,000 for a 2.87-pound pair of white truffles, truffles are the most expensive farmed food product.
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Cockle truffle chowder

For the love of truffles! (Fungi, that is)

Susan Alexander was always an easy mom to shop for during the holidays. She only desired truffles. But not the kind in shiny wrappers filled with a ganache center.
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Truffles on Meals on Wheels

Rehoboth Restaurants Feature Truffles For Charity.

Three Rehoboth Beach restaurants are offering truffles on the menu for $75 each to benefit Meals on Wheels…and giving recipients a chance to indulge as well.
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Delaware 105.9

Let There Be Truffles! Making Food News.

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Gourmet dish with truffles

Let there be truffles!

You can’t throw a Yukon Gold potato around here without hitting a plate that’s been laced with essence of truffle. Truffle fries at Nage. The Focaccia Robiola pizza at Touch of Italy is drizzled with olive oil spiked with truffle.
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Meals on Wheels

Daily hubbub behind Fish On is for a good cause

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry. For example, in this week’s column I had planned to tell you about my interview with WBOC’s video journalist Lindsay Tuchman.
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Yes to the Chef Susan Alexander interview

Truffles in North Carolina … and We Don’t Mean the Chocolate Kind

Chef Kelly and Chef Janice take a trip to the largest truffle orchard in the United States and the second largest in the world. Listen as Susan Alexander, Owner of Susan Alexander Truffles, discusses what exactly a truffle is, what it takes to grow truffles, and her mission to get the taste of truffles into everyday cooking.
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Truffles as aphrodisiac infographic

Truffles Can Be Used to Attract Romance & Partners, Announces American Truffle Expert Susan Alexander

Truffles carry a hefty premium – with people spending hundreds of dollars just to have the pleasure of experiencing them. However, American truffle expert Susan Alexander says there’s more to them than their price tag: aphrodisiac properties.
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Truffled Popcorn

Ten Super Snacks For Super Bowl XLVI

Skip the fancy fungus and just buy the popcorn – namely, Charlie’s Truffled Popcorn, courtesy of Susan Rice Truffle Products. Granted, this ain’t Cracker Jack’s – the popcorn with a pedigree can run about $4 for a small bag. But the earthy flavor of truffles is still present with every bite.
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Susan Rice Alexander Chaine de Rotisseurs induction

Honored members

Before a sumptuous five-course dinner complete with truffles from Chaine inductee Susan Rice Alexander those six gastronomes and culinary professionals were inducted into the society by John Vyhnanek, Bailli Provincial Northeast, or leader of the Northeast Baillage (Chapter).
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Digging for truffles

Susan Alexander, truffle icon, spotted digging for truffles in Georgia

“Truffles are extremely rare to find in the United States,” Alexander says. “More than 85 percent of the market is found in Italy, France, Spain and other parts of Europe. The discovery of pecan truffles native to Georgia is exciting.”
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Susan Rice Alexander with truffles

Esteemed truffle icon, connoisseur inducted into prestigious food society

Businesswoman and truffle grower Susan Alexander will be welcomed into the esteemed food and wine society, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs this weekend. The induction ceremony will be the main feature at the “Vive La Truffle!” event in Portsmouth.
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Viewing truffle orchard

The Truffle Lady cometh

“I was up to 200 and then I needed 100 more acres because the land was so pristine, so beautiful,” says Rice. The last 100 acres were harder to get but Rice waited patiently and got them, but then a friend asked her what she was going to do with the land and Rice told her she just didn’t know.
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The Snowball Warren Buffet and the Business of Life

CEOs find inspiration in books about Warren Buffett

Susan Rice, president of Black Diamond French Truffles in Southern Pines, N.C., calls The First Billion, “a true reinforcement of my sky-is-the-limit theory.” He made and lost billions more than once. “I truly discovered we get more than one chance.”
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Inspecting truffle orchard

Foodie alert! N.C. farm plants rare truffles

Her strategy does not involve guns or soldiers. Instead, the assault is gastronomical, as she starts a 200-acre black truffle “farm” in hopes of earning beaucoup d’argent from the sale of the musky, earthy, aromatic fungi.
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Inspecting truffle orchard

There’s Diamonds in These Hills

Just beyond the center of the small town of Vass, in the Sandhils of Moore County, a woman’s dream is taking shape. Susan Rice, of Pinehurst, North Carolina, envisions turning two hundred acres of former tobacc-producing land into the largest truffle orchard, or truffiere, in the U.S.
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Susan Rice Alexander with Chef McLaughlin

Women business founders rising, but slowly

Susan Rice launched Black Diamond French Truffles with plans to become North America’s largest orchard of truffles, an edible fungi that can sell for more than $1,000 a pound. She says she has no curbs on growth. “The sky’s the limit.”
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Susan Alexander at home

Cash Crop: Mushrooms

Spring 2008
Susan Rice has a new vision for North Carolina’s farms: Instead of growing tobacco, farmers can cart away greater profits by growing rare truffles. Long considered a gastronomic delicacy around the world, this underground fungus can fetch as much $2,000 per pound, Rice says.
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Checking out truffle trees at the orchardTruffles, anyone?

When Susan Rice bought some farmland in Vass, N.C., near. Pinehurst, she was challenged how she would use that land. Somewhat whimsically, she said, “Maybe I’ll farm truffles. I like those.” Once the idea occurred to her, it took root. Susan had purchased truffles before at Christmas and loved to cook with them.
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