Asparagus Soup w/Crème Fraiche & Black Truffle Oil

by Susan Alexander Truffles in Truffle Recipes

Asparagus soup with Crème Fraiche and black truffle oil

Elegant asparagus soup with black truffle oil recipe.


1 Bunch of medium size fresh asparagus
1tsp Susan Rice Truffle Salt & Pepper
1tbsp Susan Rice Black Winter Truffle Oil
3c. Chicken Stock (vegetable stock may be substituted.)
1tbsp Crème Fraiche


Chop asparagus into pieces, removing tail end of stalk, and bring to a boil in chicken stock. Cook until asparagus is thoroughly cooked, and soft enough to puree.

In blender, add half of asparagus and half of stock, seasoning with Truffle salt & pepper, (repeat again for second half) and blend until pureed, then put mixture through a mesh strainer.

Garnish with Truffle Oil, a dollop of crème Fraiche, and serve immediately.

Chefs Suggestions:

Garnish with fresh grated Black Winter Truffle (available from Susan Rice Truffle Products) for an extra bit of visual, and flavor appeal.

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