Fresh Seasonal Truffles at Wholesale Market Pricing

Black Winter Truffle – Tuber melanosporum – Italy, France,Spain, New Zealand, Australia, United States.

Some consider Black Winter Périgord Truffles the king of all truffles, due to their powerful and distinct aroma and unique taste. A small amount of this truffle can easily transform a simple meal into a gourmet taste experience. Black truffles go best with foods that absorb their flavor and aroma, such as egg and pasta dishes.

Season – Mid November through late March
Fresh UPC – 718122694860
Frozen UPC – 718122695669

Call for Price: (910) 690-3580

Black Summer Truffle – Tuber aestivum – France, Italy, Spain.

Summer Truffles, as their name implies begin their production in summer. Summer Truffles have a similar appearance to the black winter truffles but have a milder flavor, which makes them a perfect complement to lighter meals.

Season – June through August
Fresh UPC – 718122694761
Frozen UPC – 718122695560

Call for Price: (910) 690-3580

White Truffle – Tuber magnatum – Italy
White Truffles, know to some as the “Diamond of Italy,” are arguably the most sought after truffles. They are very rare and only found in the wild by truffle hunters.
Season – Mid November through Mid December
Fresh UPC – 718122694969
Frozen UPC – 718122695861

Call for Price: (910) 690-3580



Truffles can be ordered prepackaged in denominations of truffle ounce or they can be ordered in bulk for larger discounts.

Keep in mind that each variety of truffle can be dried, frozen, or canned for use all year long. We offer both fresh in-season truffles for sale during their specified harvest periods and frozen truffles throughout the year.


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