Finding Good Truffles Means You Need Furry Sidekicks!

30 Dec 2016, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Truffle Faves

Truffles are a sought-after delicacy worldwide but they are also very difficult to find. They grow under the ground attached to the roots of certain trees, which makes them hard for humans to locate without digging up half the countryside. To make finding good truffles easier, animals have been employed to help. Pigs were traditionally used by truffle hunters due to their good sense of smell. However, in recent times dogs have overtaken pigs as the preferred truffle finders.


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Why are dogs so good at finding good truffles?

Dogs are a truffle hunter’s best friend for a number of reasons. They are more easily trained than pigs and also have more stamina when it comes to long days of sniffing. Probably most importantly, when compared to pigs, dogs are less likely to eat the truffles once they find them! Dogs have also become a popular option for truffle hunters who have secret spots where they know truffles are hiding and don’t want to give it away with the presence of a pig. Also, let’s be honest, it’s easier to bring a dog home than it is a pig.

While pigs naturally seek out the smell of truffles, dogs need to be trained to find them. Luckily most truffle dogs pick it up quickly through positive associations such as food or a favourite toy. Not only are dogs clever at finding good truffles, they are also an important part of the truffle hunter’s family.

If you’d like to learn more about truffles and the furry companions that seek them out, you can visit Susan Alexander’s blog here.

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