Man walking his dog in the woods

A Peek into the Clandestine Side of the Truffle World

25.08.2018 in Truffle Faves

Racketeering, smuggling, fraud, counterfeiting, armed robbery, bribery, assault, raids, trafficking, extortion, tax evasion, corruption, theft, kidnapping and even murder come to mind when talking about mafia, drug lords and triads – not fungus.  But there was a black diamond on the market causing havoc on…

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A close up summer truffles on a white towel

How to Make the Most of Summer Truffles

26.07.2018 in Truffle Faves

Summer is in full effect, and what better way to spend it than going truffle picking (and eating)? That’s right. It’s truffle season, and you know what that means: truffles on everything. But the sun is out and the skies are blue, and it’s high time…

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Mushroom in the woods

Why Do Some Mushrooms Glow in the Dark?

03.07.2018 in Food Musings

There’s no way getting around the fact that fungi can look weird yet enchanting. One type can look like a pair of jelly ears, whilst another looks like a toy you’d play with at the science center. Then there are others that seem to magically…

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Hot dimsum on the table

6 Essential Hacks to Avoid Food Poisoning

03.06.2018 in Food Musings

While summer is the best time to enjoy the sunny outdoors, it’s also the time when stomach bugs are more likely to be picked up. The warm temperature creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria growth, causing food to go off a whole lot quicker…

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