The Essential Guide to Easy, Breezy Spring Entertaining

25 Apr 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas

Spring rolling in means we’re thawing out of our cold shells and getting warmed up with some fun social events and get-togethers with friends and family. After hunkering down during the winter, it’s finally time to open our homes, breathe in the fresh air, and celebrate a new warmer season.

Find out some spring must-have’s, quick spring-time tips, and entertaining essentials for the season ahead in our latest blog.

Spring time is nature’s way of saying “Let’s party!”

Fantastic lighting

Prepare some candles, lanterns, torches, fairy lights or garden lights for a whimsical effect in the garden during dusk and night time. Add some incense burners to give off a beautiful scent and light some insect repellent burners to ensure the bugs are kept at bay.

Delicious cocktails

It’s not a proper party without a drink in hand! We recommend hiring a designated bar person to pour drinks. Often the host will be stuck pouring drinks for guests when their time is better spent enjoying the company and socializing. Otherwise, keep drinks simple so you have less to worry about and more time to mingle.

A springtime scene

Set the scene with bright and fresh décor, including the springtime essential – flowers. Brightly colored and seasonal flowers are one of the easiest ways to make an impact. Aim to choose flowers of similar color hues to what you already have in your home or brighten things up with a pop of yellow. Garlands are also all the rage this spring, so why not try string an ivy across the table or countertop and weave through some beautiful roses or daisies?

Truffle pasta – a simple and luxurious dish to crave for.

Outstanding food

Ever walk away from a party thinking ‘wow!’ about a particular dish? Create something for your guests to talk about with an outstanding dish packed full of flavor and/or a story behind it. Ideas could include adding a touch of truffle to your pasta salad, truffle oil for the bread basket, truffle popcorn in small boxes, or even a dessert station that wows guests as they help themselves.

Spreading out some dry finger food and snacks apart from each other is also a good idea so as to avoid a crowd at the food station.

Fun Activities

If you’ve got some garden space to spare, set up some fun games such as ring toss, giant Jenga, potato sack races, face painting, football, or other sports gear.

Good music

One thing that many hosts forget is the music. Avoid any awkward silence by setting up some speakers outside to play during the event. This can easily be done with Apps such as Spotify or iTunes on a mobile device.

Use what you’ve got

If you have a great outdoor area, pool, or patio – use it! With the warm weather there is no excuse not to keep the party outside, avoid mess inside, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Springtime is prime time for throwing garden parties or any other special gatherings, and the weather is almost always just perfect to enjoy time outside with family and friends! Browse through our blog today for more seasonal activities & party ideas.

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