Turkey Day Trends: A Surprising Truffle Twist for Your 2017 Menu

15 Nov 2017, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas

There are traditional ways to cook a turkey, classic ways to serve side dishes, and some tried and tested entrees you can deliver to your guests on Thanksgiving. However, if you really want to pull out all stops and impress, why not go that extra mile with a luxurious twist on what you’d normally serve up? Try a little truffle on the menu and see your guests eyes light up at the rich flavors and unexpected delights they will taste. Here are a few ways you can incorporate truffles into your Turkey Day menu with minimal extra effort!

turkey dinner

It’s Turkey Day!

Entrees and nibbles to start

To add a little glamor to your menu, try a dash of truffle amongst your entrees and nibbles. Some grilled truffle and cheese sandwiches never go astray, simply slice into tiny squares, char-grill, and serve skewered with a pickled onion to give them a classy edge.

Bruschetta is also a wonderful starter, which can easily be taken to the next level with a dash of truffle oil instead of olive oil. Stack fresh bread garlic bread, with gorgonzola and a splash of truffle oil.

Or, why not simply add some truffle flavored popcorn on the table as a unique nibble to get the guests talking?

Side dishes

Yukon Gold Potato Salad with Crispy Prosciutto and Truffle Oil

The options for side dishes with truffles incorporated are seemingly endless! Truffles are best used in dishes which will absorb or showcase their flavor. In this case, consider adding a simple truffle pasta side dish, as the pasta will absorb the flavor beautifully.

Truffle in salad, alongside pumpkin, potatoes is a hearty idea great for colder weather. Try frying some sweet potato chips and drizzling with a dash of truffle oil and salt. Or if you’re after something lighter, consider adding truffle to your green salad dressing or shaved into the salad. Here’s a great idea for a simple, refreshing salad side dish from Good Food.

The main event

When the bird is the word, it’s time to bring out a special kind of flavor this year! There’s no need to be shy about it, over-the-top is the way to go! Add a dash of truffle to your main event, and you can’t go wrong with impressing the guests and creating a wonderful talking point.

To incorporate truffles into your turkey, simply grab some truffle butter and rub underneath the turkey’s skin, this will ensure a moist turkey meat, with crispy skin when roasted at a higher heat. Alternatively, you can add some truffle shavings into your stuffing to create a subtle essence. Here is a recipe you can try from the Food Network.

That unmistakable truffle flavor we love is a gorgeous accompaniment to any dish, whether you decide to use truffles subtly in a side dish or during the entrée, or decide to fully commit to a truffle-turkey ensemble, your guests are sure to talk about your menu for years to come!

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