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5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Family Spring Picnic

10.04.2018 in Event Ideas

The weather is warmer, the sun is out longer, and nature is in full bloom. It must be time for a family spring picnic! After all, picnics are all about enjoying your loved ones’ company and making wonderful memories. In this blog post, we’ll go…

7 Healthy Ways to Spring into Spring

31.03.2018 in Event Ideas

Here comes spring! And whilst the weather is warming up, we bet you’re feeling some renewed energy and vitality. After what’s been a cozy and chilly winter, it’s high time to get back to a healthy lifestyle. From exercising, to eating green, and changing your…

Naturally Green Recipe Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

10.03.2018 in Event Ideas

Want to feel good about the food you’ll be eating on Saint Patrick’s Day? It can be hard to eat healthy when everyone around you is downing green beer and eating green sugary desserts. But it doesn’t have to be impossible! Here are some truly…

Spinach cake on a wood plate

Delicious Green Food Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

10.03.2018 in Event Ideas

Turn heads with your green outfit and your green dishes this St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re off to an event, going to a friend’s house, hosting at your place, or just heading into work in green theme for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got you covered…

Halloween: Celebrating All Things Spooky

22.10.2014 in Event Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and already there are heaps of stores stocking up on candies, while a whole lot of frightfully good activities are being lined up to give everyone the shivers. Pumpkin carving, haunted house scares, costume shopping — this celebration of all things…