5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Family Spring Picnic

10 Apr 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas

Picnicking outdoors is a wonderful idea to refresh your mind and body.

The weather is warmer, the sun is out longer, and nature is in full bloom. It must be time for a family spring picnic! After all, picnics are all about enjoying your loved ones’ company and making wonderful memories. In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips on how to throw the ultimate family spring picnic.

Tip 1: Go all out to make it special.

Don’t be scared of setting the scene within a beautiful outdoor space. Think cute picnic rugs, blankets, a teepee or tent, sun shade umbrella, some wooden crates as small tables, and even pillows. You can even create a garden, Moroccan, or country theme. This added effort will not only add to the feel of the picnic, but will contribute to comfort levels, look great in photos, and of course add to the long-lasting memories of a fantastic family picnic.

Tip 2: Location, location, location.

Choose a fun and practical location for your picnic. Whether it’s a park, amongst the trees in a forest, by the sea, next to a lake, or at the top of a scenic vantage point, it’s a good idea to select a place where guests can easily access a bathroom, that has some shade, where guests can park cars close by, and potentially has a playground for children to play or a space to play games.

Spend sunny afternoons playing croquet.

Tip 3: It’s all fun and games!

Part of the fun of a picnic is that you have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Plan some games and share the responsibility of who brings what. Bocce, croquet, cricket, football, trivia games, cards, and ring toss are just a few fun games the family can play whilst enjoying the picnic and bonding.

Tip 4: Picnic survival essentials.

Don’t forget a few essential items to make your life easier during the picnic. Sunscreen, utensils, cutlery, tea towels, napkins, and sun hats are a must. Whilst insect spray and food nets will help to keep any bugs at bay and out of the food.

Bring some ice or an ice bucket to keep drinks and food cool, and of course – don’t forget to play some music to set the scene perfectly.

Tip 5: Graze all day.

Picnics are all about grazing rather than eating one big meal. Provide a wide variety of small nibbles that can easily be laid out and eaten at leisure. Small doses of foods with big flavors work well, and add crackers, breads, cheeses and delicious snacks. Think about what you’d put on your perfect platter of food, such as olives, quince paste, grapes, and dried fruits. You may also want to make some mini quiches or a frittata that can be easily cut into slices and served up as something a little more substantial, healthy, and sure to make an impression on the family.

And of course, don’t forget plenty of water and a sneaky bottle of champagne or wine!

Spring is one of the best times to get outdoors, throw down a picnic rug, and feast on yummy treats with the family. Browse through our blog today for more fun ways on how to step into spring.

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