You Can Plan the Perfect Easter Menu: Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

30 Mar 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas
Easter egg on white plate with fork and knife on wooden table

When it comes to Easter menu, it’s best to keep things simple.

Easter is a fantastic time of year when you can plan the perfect menu, cook for the whole family and your friends, too. Whether you’re preparing a delicious brunch, a casual lunch, or a generous dinner, we’ve got you covered in our latest blog post. Here are some creative meals ideas perfect for sharing at Easter.

A Traditional and Fun Easter Brunch

Many families celebrate Easter in the morning, and now is your time to shine! Once the kids are back inside from their morning Easter-egg hunt, you can serve up a table full of delicious brunch treats. Think devilled eggs, fresh crusty bread, quiche, seafood bake, sliced fresh tomatoes, potato salad, and a frittata. You can add extra flavor with shaved truffle within the devilled eggs, or some mushrooms and herbs within the frittata.

And just because it’s morning doesn’t mean you can’t have something sweet too! Morning cakes such as Bundt cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and chocolate cake are a delicious way to end breakfast. Simply decorate Easter-style with mini-eggs, bright colored sprinkles and bunny ears.

Green Salad on a white plate

Make your easter lunch a breeze with green salad.

An Easter Garden Lunch

Serving something substantial at lunch time is a great idea in order to give guests some time to digest throughout the day. Why not go with a garden theme and serve up a table full of delicious vegetables and salads that can be found in your homegrown vegetable patch? Serve up roast carrots, turnips, pumpkin and potatoes, seasoned with truffle salt and oil, and a delicious garden salad to go with your choice of protein. You can choose a lovely fresh pan-fried fish, roasted rosemary pork, or even a roast duck with crispy skin to go with this theme.

A Fresh Easter Dinner

Fish is perfect for Easter dinner, especially for those who are sticking to seafood only at Easter. Take your dinner to the next level this Easter and make a flavorsome truffle fish dish. You can serve this baked fish with a fresh cabbage salad or sauerkraut to complement it.

By this time of the day everyone might have had enough chocolate, so why not get creative with dessert and freshen up the palate a little bit. Now is a beautiful time of year to serve up berries and citrus fruits, flavors which are perfect after a day of heavy eating. Make a lime or lemon tart, berry cheesecake, or light white mouse and Jell-O to finish the night off.

Drinks anyone?

Impress your guests any time of day with a home-made compote. Simply boil berries, prunes, apples, or plums with water, lemon juice and sugar to taste. You can use just about any fruit for compote, with berries and stone fruit being a popular choice.

If you’re after something with a bit of alcohol for the adults, you can mix up a fresh cocktail with prosecco, lemonade, and mint to pack a punch!

Easter is just a few hops away, and menu planning is never difficult when you have quick and easy recipes to guide you. Browse through our blog today for more food tips and recipe ideas.

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