Naturally Green Recipe Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

10 Mar 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Event Ideas
Tomato and avocado egg salad

Slip into your green attire & celebrate St. Paddy’s day by eating green.

Want to feel good about the food you’ll be eating on Saint Patrick’s Day? It can be hard to eat healthy when everyone around you is downing green beer and eating green sugary desserts. But it doesn’t have to be impossible! Here are some truly green and healthy recipe ideas to balance out the bad with the good, whilst still staying on theme for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Potatoes Galore

There’s few things more Irish than potatoes. Potatoes are packed full of good nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and B6, with not an ounce of fat in sight! If you’re hosting a party, you can serve up potatoes to your guests in a variety of different ways.

Try a potato salad with greens such as peas and beans added for color and health. Or why not mash them up and add a touch of truffle and chives for an elegant boost of flavor? You can also roast them and serve up with other vegetables from the oven, seasoned with truffle oil and salt – perfect! As for appetizers and finger food, you can serve up potato cakes that cater to vegans and are super green and healthy too.

Healthy Pizza?

Mint and lime green smoothie

Feel refreshed with this mint and lime smoothie.

A sneaky way to get those greens is to hide them in foods which are normally very popular, like pizza. A potato, brussels sprout and goat cheese pizza, for instance, sure makes a perfect way to nourish your guests whilst also making things easy on yourself with an easy food item to make and serve. Serve on tortilla bread to bring down the calorie count.

You can also mix things up a little with other green and healthy toppings such as rocket, fennel, truffle, pumpkin, pesto, zucchini, broccoli or eggplant. And of course, you can make options for vegans with vegan cheese and gluten-free bases for those intolerant of usual pizza bases.

Hearty Cabbage and Vegetable Dishes

Bring in some good old fashioned hearty Irish food with warm cabbage dishes and vegetables. Quinoa and lentil stuffed cabbage rolls are a good a spin-off of the usual Irish cabbage dishes. It is meat-free, and it sure will keep guests full and help soak up the alcohol, too, if guests are drinking.

Another way to make sure vegetables taste hearty and flavorsome is to add an ingredient such as truffle to the dish. Think green beans with parmesan and shaved truffle, roasted pumpkin and squash with truffle oil, or corn rubbed with truffle butter.

Something Sweet?

If you’re after something sweet that keeps your diet in check, stay on theme with a green and reasonably healthy dessert too, like pistachio, matcha and chocolate cups! They are vegan and have double the greenness!

Or if you’re after some traditional minty flavor for Saint Patrick’s Day, try whipping up green monster smoothies for a sweet and healthy treat.

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to add a little green to your diet! Browse through our blog today for other delicious green food ideas, or get in touch with us for truffle food tips and advice.

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