You’ll Never Eat A Normal Grilled Cheese Sandwich Again…

29 Apr 2014, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Truffle Faves

Two slices of bread, some butter and cheese. That’s the classic ‘grilled cheese’ sandwich. But if you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t do things by halves – when I cook – it’s got to be outstanding in flavour! And of course, truffles make everything better. 😉

Susan Alexander's Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich

And that’s how I came up with my Oozing Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich! I upped the quality and added all things truffle to what would otherwise be a boring grilled cheese snack; but trust me, the finished product is anything but — it’s totally heavenly! Fresh bread on the grill squashing out creamy cheese and succulent truffles is a taste you must experience at least once in your life!

But I must warn you, once you try my Oozing Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich, you’ll never be able to eat a normal grilled cheese sandwich again!

Whether you’re going to hoard them all to yourself, or share them among your friends and family – the Oozing Truffle Grilled Cheese is not to be missed if you consider yourself a lover of food!

You can watch the video below to learn more about how truffles make everything better!  Or you can grab my recipe here or if you want to taste exactly what I make — then order a pack of 6 sandwiches from me here!

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