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29 Oct 2011, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Company News
Susan Rice Alexander Chaine de Rotisseurs induction

Susan Rice Chaine de Rotisseurs induction

It is always a great thing when your peers recognize you for your contributions to the industry. The prestigious Chaine des Rotisseurs inducted our very own Susan Alexander for popularizing the French black truffles in the American tables.

The induction ceremony was held during the “Vive La Truffle!” event organized at Portsmouth. It was the crowning glory of that wonderful occasion.

What is the Chaine des Rotisseurs and why their recognition should carry weight? First of all it is one of the most esteemed food and wine societies in the world. Second, they are considered the oldest and the biggest society of its kind, with its founding dating all the way back to 1248 in Paris. They always take into serious consideration their dining experiences and they help to spread the word so others can also experience them.

Some of their members include crowned heads of European countries and other distinguished individuals.

Susan Alexander’s recognition was the result of her establishing the largest truffle orchard in the whole of the United States. The orchard covers 200 acres of farmland, with soil and environmental conditions that are perfect for the production of high quality truffles.

Her passion with truffles and her culinary skills helped her create exquisite truffle products that the American market has grown to love.

Her induction to the Chaine des Rotisseurs is a testament to her successes as a food entrepreneur as well as her efforts to invite to people to take a bite of truffle inspired food creations.

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