Around the World with Truffle Varieties – A Guide for Truffle Lovers

16 Oct 2017, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Truffle Faves

It all starts with that first indulgent taste of truffle. There is no denying that truffles are one of the most coveted flavours you can find in any corner of the world. Gourmet chefs search far and wide for the best of the best, and at-home cooks do the same. Whether you’re a professional or whether you keep your cooking on the home base, it’s important to understand the various truffles on the market and their differences.

There are many elements that distinguish one truffle from the next, from the origins, to their colour, texture, aroma, and depth of flavour. You will no doubt develop a favourite after taste testing. Below is a quick guide to the unique characteristics of different truffle varieties.

Black and white Italian truffles

Italian truffles are best known for being the most aromatic of the truffle species. They have a wrinkly skin and vary in size between a walnut to an orange. White truffles are often served shaved or sliced over already cooked food in order to encourage their flavour. Whilst black truffles are generally heated and cooked within the dish to utilise their flavour best.

Black and white summer truffles

Summer truffles are distinguished by being the largest of the truffle varieties and are found across Europe. They have a black to brown outer skin and rough pyramidal shaped ‘warts’. The aroma, you’ll find, is intense and reminiscent of hazelnuts. These are a highly coveted variety of truffle and hugely popular.

Asian truffles

Asian truffles present with a hard and grainy skin and are black on the inside. However, despite their rough exterior appearance, they have a mild and captivating taste. They are less pungent than the European truffles, and are perfect for those who do prefer the milder truffle flavour.

Australian truffles

Australian truffles have a distinctive black and white marbling inside and are very firm to touch. They also possess a strong aroma and a strong flavour. The truffle industry in Australia and in New Zealand is expanding each year, with more and more successful harvests reported.

Oregon truffles

Oregon truffles are knobbly and gnarled, however once you get up close you’ll notice their delicious buttery and herbal aroma. In fact, they are so aromatic that they release oil at their peak. Oregon truffles exhibit world-class flavours and are highly sought-after in their local area as well as around the world.

Some truffle experts are able to distinguish the variety of truffle just from the aroma presented to them. However, the everyday person isn’t expected to be able to determine the type just from the aroma. By combining the appearance, texture and knowledge of where the truffle is from, you too can easily impress your guests with truffle trivia. And then of course go on to enjoy the delicious delicacy that are truffles!

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