So, You Want to Be a Truffle Farmer?

16 Feb 2018, by Susan Alexander Truffles in Truffle Faves

If you’ve been thinking about growing your own truffles in your home garden, you wouldn’t be the only one! There has been a spike in people attempting to grow their own delicious truffles, and with that a rise in information online about this DIY topic. So, to help you sift through and get the facts right about truffle growing, we’ve put together a guide below.

Susan Alexander inspecting truffle trees

Susan Alexander, inspecting truffle trees.


Step 1: Find the right location.

Truffles need a root system of a tree to grow with in a symbiotic relationship, as well as soil with a high lime content. Without this, you don’t stand a chance. The tree roots need to be inoculated with the fungus spores in order to grow a truffle. Your location also needs to ensure that other fungi cannot grow and compete with the truffle, therefore the perfect conditions must be created without current trees on the land.

Step 2: Learn as much as you can.

The more you can learn, the better off you’ll be in your quest for growing truffles. Creating the perfect conditions is a huge part being a truffle grower, and it’s important to fully understand this process, as well as the growth and collection stages. There is a lot of science to growing truffles, and information and the right advice is paramount to your success.

Step 3: Plant your seedlings.

Once you have all the information you need it’s time to plant the seedlings! You’ll have prepared your soil and have inoculated oak or hazelnut seedlings by now. Once planted, it’s in the hands of nature to help you.

Step 4: Get a buddy to help.

To find truffles, you’ll need to enlist some help. Get your hands on a truffle dog and you’re in business!


  • Enjoy an extra stream of income. You can sell your truffles once your start to get a healthy harvest, with prices fetching in the thousands for rare varieties.
  • It’s fun and rewarding. Growing your own truffles can take a long time but truffle growers find the search fun, as well as the rewarding feeling of having grown such a wonderful treat.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy them whenever you like. Growing your own truffles means you can enjoy them whenever they are in season. Enjoy truffle produce as well, such as oils, butters, and infused condiments and snacks.


  • Truffles do take a long time to grow. From your initial investment, it can take 5-10 years to grow your first truffles.
  • It can be a hard slog. You’ll need to be patient, expect to fail, and you won’t always get what you planned for! Different seasons will yield different harvest, which you’ll need to prepare for.
  • Truffles need the perfect conditions, not too hot, but not freezing cold either. You need the perfect environment, plus enough land space, and a healthy tree plantation.

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