Truffle Faves

A Quick Shopper’s Guide to Truffle Types

02.07.2014 in Truffle Faves

So we’ve talked about the basics of truffles, discussed the two greats, and even compiled a list of restaurants that dish up truffle specials. Now, what if you want to do the truffle shopping and cooking? Truffles are known for their enchanting aroma and taste,…

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plated black Perigord truffle

Black & White Truffles: The Culinary Lowdown

20.05.2014 in Truffle Faves

Being the delicate ingredients that they are, any culinary endeavor that involves truffles must be pulled off with heaps of thought and preparation. For starters, one must ask, “What type of truffle am I cooking with?” From there, one easily determines the best way to…

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Truffles harvested

Back to Basics: So, what exactly is a truffle?

10.02.2014 in Truffle Faves

I’m sure you’ve heard of truffles before, but we’re not talking about the chocolate kind here! So if they’re not made of chocolate, what exactly are they? Truffles are often misunderstood as being foreign and difficult to use. But the truth is, truffles are cultivated…

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